picture of me

I’m a software engineer on the Google Display Ads ARROW team where I work on UX experiments.

Previously, I was a two time software engineering intern at Google. I was also as a software engineering intern at GivePulse, an organization focused on connecting volunteers and professionals with service opportunities in their community.

At Brown, I enjoyed teaching - I was a Head TA for CSCI 0160: Data Structures and Algorithms and a TA for CSCI 0320: Introduction to Software Engineering. I also *almost* got a degree in Visual Arts. I took more than the required number of studio art courses, including several classes at The Rhode Island School of Design. I dabbled in many forms of art (oil painting, digital, jewelry, book binding) and loved all the art classes I took.

On my free time I enjoy exploring new spots in and out of the city, and I am always on the look out to attend events related to art, design, and fashion. Click here for a surprise.